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Due to EASA decision and Commission Regulation (EU) from February 2021 it is not only recommended but mandatory for all airline crew to complete the psychological assessment before commencing line flying.

That means the European airlines and operators will have to assess if candidates are suitable for becoming a pilot in their company.

To be compliant with EASA.CAT.GEN.MPA.175(b) the assessment will have to be validated and either directly performed by, or overseen by, a psychologist. This psychologist should fit the following criteria: 

  • possess knowledge in aviation relevant to the flight crew’s operating environment
    -> be an Aviation Psychologist (certified by recognised Aviation organisations)
  • have an expertise in psychological assessment
  • have an expertise in the psychological selection of aviation personnel (proven by certificates/courses)

Each operator should also have its own profile of desired pilots.

You know best what are the traits, skills, competencies and values you look for in your employees.

As an active Aviation Psychologist I can help your company to create the profile. 

With the profile I can design and conduct psychological part of the pilot selection process using professional tools and tests tailored for your company.

Aleksandra Kapela

I am an EAAP certified Aviation Psychologist, KSA100 specialist and Ground Training Instructor.

I have wide experience in European assessments and selection of students, cadets, active pilots (FO, CPT) gained in numerous studies and courses. I have conducted and designed psychological parts of the assessments, and tools dedicated for pilots. I am trained to conduct assessments using batteries of tests like COMPASS (EPST), ADAPT (Symbiotics) or Vienna Test System (SCHUHFRIED) 


MyWingman can help your company:

  • create "desired pilot profile"
  • create a selection program designed for the needs of your company
  • design and conduct psychological part of the selection
  • conduct psychometric computer assessment
  • conduct psychological tests for pilots 
  • check active pilots psychological well-being


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